Monday, October 12, 2015

This is a BOOK!

This blog is a book. (scroll down just a bit and you'll find the 'rules') These 1000 rules became a book and it's a great gift! Fifty Six followers can't be wrong.

That link, right there above, will take you to the culmination of this blog, and the book it became.
Thank you again to my 56 followers (yes, they mattered to me, 56 is a big deal to me).
Too many of us don't read books, and don't buy books as gifts, let's do something about that!
What about humor, and political correctness? We've become less able to laugh at silly jokes, and are too worried about 'offending.' It's OK to get offended from time to time, it keeps you on your toes.
Fight back against this overly PC culture...  This blog/book is one way to fight political correctness, and enjoy doing it, and, search Amazon for "The Worstest Book Ever Written." My 'friends' (The Wigwires) wrote that book, and you might be AMAZED by it. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

"If you have 1000 rules, make a book"

Did I have a rule about that? Who knows, it's hard to keep track. Well at it's height this BLOG had 56 followers, wow. I'm not being facetious, 56 followers that somehow found this, without me doing a thing, that's something. Anyway, to the point and to you, my 56 followers, who by now are probably no longer paying attention to BLOGS, at least this one, and are too busy and distracted Instagraming people and taking 'selfies'.

So, this BLOG has become a book. Yup. I made a mistake with a file though and thought I'd left out rules 511-526 and put 'different' rules in the book in their place, when actually they existed all along, so the book is this BLOG with those few changes, and maybe in the Second Edition I'll put the right ones back in that spot, to correct this error, or maybe that's too much work, there's probably a rule to help me decide.

On Amazon you can find this book. I explain why at the beginning but the title changed to "Secrets of my Grandfather: A guide to Life's Wisdom". You can also look up "Lance Hodge", to see a few other things I've written.

And in that book, I mention you, my 56 followers, who I thank in the book and would like to thank again here. Thank you. I appreciated your comments, all of them. I was truly touched that you cared, and that we were doing something together that you enjoyed, that we both enjoyed. Thank you.

If you can, keep in touch. If you get the book let me know how you liked it, although it's just this BLOG with a short opening. The opening will put a little different light on the BLOG though, which you might enjoy.

Ok, enough of that. I hope you're still out there, somewhere in the ether, well, not in the ether, unless you're on Venus, I think they have ether on Venus, did I have a rule about that?

Lance Hodge

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rule #1014

(Rule #1014 has been redacted for reasons of National Security)

Rule #1013

If you find yourself making more than 1000 rules, you're probably going to start repeating yourself.

Rule #1012

Before killing yourself, post an awesome online video of you tight-rope walking over a bunch of hungry alligators (or some equivalent).

Rule #1011

Get rid of friends who don't like the Didgeridoo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rule #1010

If you're going to take an oath, mean it.

Rule #1009

When breast-feeding in public, expose both breasts.
(See Rule #1004)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rule #1008

If you believe in a political cause, try to have your minions do the work for you, it's so much less stressful, and that's what minions are for.

Rule #1007

The choir seems to like to be preached to, and people seem to love to preach to them, odd.

Rule #1006

Don't be too impressed with "Harvard educated".

Rule #1005

It's not a rule if you ignore it.

Rule #1004

If you're going to follow rules, don't ask too many questions about the rule.

Rule #1003

Plant bamboo.

Rule #1002

There's always an exception to the rule.

Rule #1001

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, create more than 1000 rules, ever, about anything.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rule #1000

Be careful, be happy, be good to yourself and others, life is precious and we are fragile... and don't catch fire.

Rule #999

We have so much to learn, about Wombats and so many other things.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rule #998

If your heart says change, then change.

It won't be easy.

Rule #997

Go sailing.

Rule #996

Live a quieter life, this society has grown way too noisy.

Rule #995

Note to children:

You are right about all that crap they want you to learn in school, you won't need to know MOST of that stuff, ever.

But, that's not the point, you are learning HOW to learn when you do that work and do it well, and one day, you WILL need to have learned how to LEARN.

So do the work, do it well, study, get A's and B's, IT WILL MATTER.