Monday, October 17, 2005

Rule #755

There are a ZILLION books that nobody reads!
Hint for authors; give your book an irresistible title.

Title hints:
"How I made a million fucking dollars" (It's the 'fucking' that really gets their attention), or "My life as a hobo and then I had sex with Paris Hilton" (People are fascinated by hobos).


Blogger B said...

you're absolutely correct! i once picked up the book "naked" by david sedaris before a flight, just for the title, and laughed my whole way through it. plus, i loved the attention i got at the airport reading it.

wouldn't mind reading a book called "how i made a million fucking dollars", 88% for the use of 'fucking', 12% for the 'million dollars'.

11:48 PM  
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