Monday, August 08, 2005

Rule #692

Rule: Read the small print.

Disclaimer: All advice in this blog is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. All advice which could result in injury or death should be considered 'dangerous' and should only be carried out by licensed professionals and in accordance to local and federal statutes and laws effecting such actions. The author in no way encourages any act that may result in harm to Wolverines, Wombats, and/or Bats, of any variety. The author assumes no responsibility for any injury to property or persons who take any advice contained herein, nor accepts liability for those who use advice in this blog in a way other that that prescribed by law, except advice that has to do with 'weeding' or other gardening, except for gardening activities that involve chainsaws. The author does hereby take responsibility for anyone who removes a tag or label on a pillow or mattress they have purchased. The author further takes responsibility, both legal and financial, for any actions incurred by advice in this blog which result in large profits to any person and or corporation, and hereby claims 50% of any profits over $1000, to be paid in small unmarked bills. This disclaimer shall be considered a binding contract between readers and the author and shall be in force in perpetuity or until the author decides it is no longer valid. The author hereby reserves the right to totally ignore this disclaimer and/or claim that he has no idea who wrote it. The author further reserves the right to add other legal jargon to this and/or another disclaimer that may or may not void this or any other disclaimer. This blog should be considered valid legal and/or medical advice and the author affirms he is/was/or would like to be a licensed attorney and medical doctor.


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