Friday, July 22, 2005

Rule #639

Have you noticed that some rules have several rules in them. It's really a treat to get several rules for the price of one rule. But, it's often confusing to have such 'multiple rules', and it can really dilute the advice of any one of the multiple rules when they are in a group of several rules. A good rule would be to have only one rule per rule. Another good rule would be to mandate that any one rule not become a discussion of rules, since such a discussion really isn't a "rule", but rather a "discussion". You could have a rule that says that some rules can be discussions, and then such a discussion would actually be a rule, given that definition. But as a rule, I'd say that would only undermine other rules that actually are rules. This rule, as an example, is a good example of a rule gone astray. Perhaps the moral of this rule is an important rule, or at least an example of how not to write a rule. Regardless, people who are used to reading rules will probably read ANY rule, even a rule that turns out not to be a rule, and one that actually turns out not to be much of anything. One rule, that's important here, is to realize that sometimes we walk down a path and it just ends. It didn't lead anywhere, it just ended. Maybe once, long ago it lead someplace, maybe to someone's house, but that house has long since been reclaimed by the forest. Maybe the path was never meant to go anywhere, maybe it was just a pleasant walk, and of course you can't walk forever. Whatever, whether we're talking about rules or paths or the steady progression of time and the ever-changing nature of our existence here, one thing is certain, some people are long-winded.


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