Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rule #562

Old Chinese Saying: "He who walks the righteous path finds his path uncrowded"

Old American Indian Saying: "The Eagle soars so high he soars alone"

Old Mid-West saying: "Give a goat some clean hay to sleep on and he'll shit in it"

Old saying heard in Maine: "I doubt any self-respectin Moose would turn down a chance to swim in a heated pool"

Old saying found on a piece of paper in a box in someone's attic: "I wish I'd 'gotten it' sooner"

Moral of this lesson: Sometimes stuff that seems worthwhile is just worthless bullshit, the trick is picking out the worthwhile stuff from all the bullshit.


Blogger Jes said...

Old Midwest sayings can get a lot weirder than that. I've heard some really strange ones out of Illinois people.

3:04 PM  
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